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First Love Yourself

Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to F.L.Y.
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Certified Fitness Trainer 

Initially, I was very proud of myself for accomplishing my weight loss goal.  Then, I gained the weight back. Again, I was back to being overweight, unhappy and at square one!


What I realize now looking back is that I lacked direction on where I wanted my health to be long-term. I just knew I was capable of working harder and becoming a better version of myself. Overtime, I became less consistent in the gym and loss interest in healthy eating habits. I felt myself shift back to a space of disappointment and discontentment. 


I went back to the drawling board and determined my habits needed to be a lifestyle. Not only did I train harder, I began to incorporate prayer and meditation as a support for my fitness goals. I spent the next five years following this way of thinking, and that’s putting myself first in every aspect of my life. That was top priority!! Through my journey of self-love and self-care, F.L.Y Fitness was born. 


I have worked with many “FLY Girls"! While each individual’s goal varied, F.L.Y Fitness became a “sanctuary” where we all could gather to work-out our issues! 

My passion and goal is to aid each individuals through their own fitness journey which includes learning to love themselves and understanding they matter most!

Always remember to F.L.Y!!

-Coach Jelissa


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The F.L.Y. Way
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